Security Solutions

Security Services

Aditi Facilitators is a well-established and highly respected in offering reliable and robust security solutions for clients in the Retail, Hospital, Educational Institutions, IT companies, Amusement Park, Hotels, Construction establishments, Industries, and Apartment complexes. our guards are trained as per norms/syllabus of SSSDC and licenses to engage in the business of Private Security Agencies(Regulation) Act 2005.

The Guarding staff are intensely briefed to meet the special need of the site before deployed at the client premises. These physically present security personnel can carry out any of patrol or surveillance to restrict unauthorized access of unsuitable individual and protect the premises from any unforeseen damages and losses. Security decisions you make today can decide your organization’s security and pliability for years to come. Our wide-ranging security services enable you to feel more secure about the actions you take to guard your facilities, assets, operations, employees, office, etc.

Parking Management

We provide parking management services across facilities where parking plays an essential role like shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, mixed-use developments etc.. We customize service delivery to meet the specific needs of each parking facility, with the goal of complementing their existing ideals, business strategies and sensitivities.

Event Security

We provide the most efficient security services for events, such as concert venues, trade shows are other corporate events where there is a high degree of public interaction.